About Canyon Sandblasting

It all started when I was doing some sandblasting of my own.  I needed to repair some front end damage on a pickup with used fenders, inner fenders, hood, bumper, and grill that I purchased from a wrecking yard.  Predictably, they were not the same color so I wanted to have them repainted.  I would have taken these items to a sandblasting company had I found one locally! I did find a small sandblaster and went to work in my driveway.  This was a very small sandblaster and my air compressor found it challenging to keep up with the pressure demands.

In researching a better way to do the sandblasting I came upon dustless sandblasting. This type of sandblasting uses a biodegradable media like recycled crushed glass or granite (media that is submersible in water) along with water.  The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank.  By introducing water we’re drastically increasing the mass and energy the machine is putting out, while eliminating dust.

As my wife and I traveled southwest Wyoming we noticed so many diversified uses and we see equipment and structures in need of restoration. This has promted us to start a mobile sandblasting service utilizing the latest technology (Dustless) that would cater to the needs of industry such as preparing a front loader to be repainted or removing graffiti from a building wall to the consumer who needs their house/cabin prepped for paint/stain or restore a classic automobile.  With the spirit of innovation and growth we will expand our adventure to include traditional sand blasting as well as an enclosed building so we could deal with weather issues.

Canyon Sandblasting Wyoming