Sandblasting Wood


Dustless sandblasting works superbly on wood, layers of paint without damaging the underlying surface with no scraping or sanding leaving a paint finish ready surface.

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Sandblasting Metal


Dustless sandblasting metal saves you hours of grinding, scraping, and sanding by removing rust and paint leaving clean metal that is ready to paint.

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Sandblasting Stone/Brick


Do you have painted bricks that you want to return to their original color, don't paint over them, use dustless sandblasting to peel away the paint and return the bricks to new.

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Canyon Sandblasting, using the newest techniques in dustless sandblasting using crushed glass (biodegradable recycled bottle glass) combined with water for surface cleaning and preparation. We also offer conventional sandblasting using a variety of media including walnut shells and corncobs to the tuffest media, nickle and copper.